Song Sampler

01. Lifeline      

02. You Can't Stop Me 

03. One By One

A few tunes for free!

Here are a selection of songs I've written, recorded and produced. Song two was co-written with Dan Ross. Song three was co-written with Jimmy Docherty and co-produced by Joe Murphy. 


Here's an interview I had at BBC Radio Manchester in 2014. It was a good fun and I played one of my own tunes live as well as a cover of Radiohead's 'My Iron Lung'. 

  Worship Albums  

I've also written two albums which are intended to be sung by church congregations as part of worship services.


Live on a Media City rooftop, we performed 'Moving On' by James

A video for 'Afterlife'; a song from my first album, 'Life and After'.

Filmed at The Cliff in Salford in the pouring rain by the Two A's

(Andrew Gordon and Alex McGregor)

As part of MediaCity Unplugged, we got the chance to film our version of Ed Sheeran;s 'Castle on the Hill'

Our version of 'The Peaks' by one of my favourite bands, 'Everything Everything'


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